In 2014, the U.S. issued 186 Amber Alerts involving 239 children. When children go missing, there are ways parents can help law enforcement with the search. One option is Operation KidSafe.



The Utah Department of Health

Utah is fourth in the nation for opioid overdose fatalities. A team of Representatives in the House is introducing legislation to tackle the growing problem. / The Chocolate Festival

Saturday marks the 29th annual Valentine Chocolate Festival for Utah’s chapter of Planned Parenthood in Logan. The event is Utah’s largest fundraising event for Planned Parenthood. Last year alone, the it raised more than $20,000 to support the state’s health clinics.

  The Utah State football team officially signed Rayshad Lewis, son of Ray Lewis. He signed a letter of intent, according to head coach Matt Wells.

Gov. Gary Herbert used his annual State of the State speech yesterday to set a goal to raise Utah’s graduation rate and implore lawmakers who have rejected Medicaid expansion plans to somehow help poor residents get health insurance.

Senate Leaders Discuss Public Lands Lawsuit

Jan 26, 2016
Nick Herrmann

State Senate Leaders meet at the Capitol Building, Monday afternoon, for the opening of the State Legislature.

During the conversation,  Utah Senate President Wayne Neiderhauser made mention of a recently announced Public Lands Trade agreement drafted by Utah Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chafetz. Throughout the day several lawmakers said opposition to the plan by environmental groups and tribal leaders is another reason why it is time for a court to settle the question of whether Utah has the right to own public lands.

  When Utah lawmakers gather Monday for the opening of this year’s legislative session, they know they will be considering at least three medical marijuana bills. On Behind the Headlines, Salt Lake Tribune reporter Robert Gehrke said a poll they conducted indicates an increase in public support for finding ways to legalize the use of marijuana products to treat illness.

Logan Ranks 3rd Cheapest City for Renters Insurance

Jan 20, 2016

  ValuePenguin, a consumer research firm in New York, released a report detailing the cheapest Utah cities for rental insurance. 

Utah Women's Coalition Releases Legislative Agenda

Jan 13, 2016

The legislative agenda was announced Wednesday afternoon at the YWCA Center for families in Salt Lake City. The Utah Women’s Coalition aims to discuss its support for 3 bills.

A leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says the change in church policy against same-sex marriage was a revelation from God.

Support for Public Lands Survey Released

Jan 11, 2016

Colorado College released its annual Conservation in the West poll that revealed strong public support for efforts to protect and maintain national public lands.


Utah Governor Gary Herbert Addressed the National Press Club in Washington, DC Thursday. Herbert presented his state of the state address as chairman of the National Governors Association. 


Utah consumers are being warned to watch out for scams in 2016.  The Utah Department of Commerce is focusing on six common attempts at fraud as a way of helping to educate the public.

USU Student Dies in Sardine Canyon Crash

Dec 30, 2015
Brian Champagne

A USU student was killed in a vehicle accident in Northern Utah’s Sardine Canyon Wednesday.

A light snow at the mouth of Sardine Canyon near Brigham City, combined with icy conditions on an overpass, may have been the cause of a three car accident Wednesday around 8:30 a.m.. Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Lee Perry said the driver of a white SUV traveling toward Logan on State Road 91 lost control and was struck by a large semi-truck.

Intermountain Health Care

In an effort to reduce the spread of the respiratory flu, healthcare facilities are implementing visitor restrictions.

At least one of the twenty-two Intermountain Healthcare hospitals in Utah will limit who can visit patients in any obstetric, pediatric, or newborn unit.

Utah Bighorn Sheep Airlift Planned

Dec 28, 2015

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will be capturing and transferring Antelope Island Bighorn Sheep to Central Utah in January. / NASA

Lots of us have dreamt of being an astronaut as a kid. But that group of people is very small and very exclusive, given there are only 46 active USA NASA astronauts, which is only .0000001 percent of the population. 

S. Ogden Police Capture Escaped Felon After Standoff

Dec 9, 2015

South Ogden Police joined with SWAT team members to end a standoff Wednesday morning. Joseph Chavez escaped from a police vehicle Monday after being arrested. Police located Chavez in a home on Pingree Avenue and 29th Street in Ogden. After clearing the area as a precaution law enforcement used a chain saw to removed Chavez from a crawl space.

  Representatives from the National Education Association, including current NEA president and past Utah Education Teacher of the Year Lily Eskelsen Garcia, gathered at the White House Thursday to watch as President Obama signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA. 

NEA's Director of Government Relations, Mary Kusler, has been working with lawmakers in Washington, DC to lobby for the ESSA that she said will give states more control over how public education is monitored and improved. 

Plastic Sidewalks Save Real Trees In Logan

Dec 7, 2015
Utah State Extention / Utah State University

Two-thousand square feet of experimental, sidewalk have been laid throughout Logan as part of a collaboration between Utah State’s Quinney College of Natural Resources and the city. The project is expected to save trees, money and resources.


Logan's winter season will prove whether or not the city and the state will more widely adopt Terrewalk's plastic sidewalk.

I was sitting in my psychology class at Utah State University on Wednesday, scrolling through Facebook, when I saw an odd status from a friend.

“Stay safe out there friends, and avoid Waterman.”

I know every square inch of that street. I grew up not far from there.

I took to Google, assuming it was a stolen car, a police pursuit, or maybe a robbery — unfortunately standard stuff for San Bernardino.

I wish that is all it had been.

Utah Youth Media Program Recognized

Nov 30, 2015

In November First Lady Michelle Obama recognized several after school arts and humanities programs with the National Arts and Humanities Youth Award, including one from Utah.

Speaking at the award ceremony in Washington D.C.  Mrs. Obama told program organizers to keep shining a light on youth, saying these kids are the next generation of fabulous.


An increasing number of residents and public interest groups say Utah has essentially hijacked funds meant to alleviate the local impacts of oil and gas drilling.

Mature Americans Take To Tech

Nov 10, 2015

The Association of Mature American Citizens AMAC has released information to organization members showing older Americans are embracing all things digital faster than we think. The group is referring to a recent report from a content delivery network service provider Limelight that indicates among those spending time online 51 percent are between the ages of 51 to 69 years old.

The fifty-three million dollar loan was authorized by the Utah Permanent Community Impact Board or CIB. Aaron Paul is the staff attorney for the Grand Canyon Trust and he said that the CIB is acting outside of its jurisdiction by approving the loan. Paul said the board, under law, is supposed to use the funding for community improvement.