Utah News
6:33 pm
Mon March 25, 2013

Universities Look Outside the State to Fill the Enrollment Gap Left by LDS Missionaries.

Jasilyn Brinkerhoff, a USU sophomore, displaying her call to an LDS mission. She is one of many that will be taking an 18 month leave of absence from the University.
Credit Brinkerhoffs

With more students leaving for religious missions than ever before, Universities across the state are facing major enrollment dips.

Utah State University President, Stan Albrecht, said the school is still having difficulty estimating the fiscal consequences of this lower enrollment.

“We’re budgeting in a fog right now because we don’t really understand all of the impacts yet.”

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Legislative News
2:55 pm
Tue February 5, 2013

Committee Rejects Climate Change Bill

Legislation that for the first time would have acknowledged the science of human-caused climate change by the government of the State of Utah was debated during a committee meeting on Monday, before being rejected on a 11-4 vote.

Republican representative Kraig Powell, of Heber, wants the state legislature to acknowledge the effects that climate change is having on wildfires in Utah.

“What the bill does is - it authorizes the state division of forestry, fire and public lands to consider the effects of climate change on their efforts to develop and implement firefighting strategies.”

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