Julie Kelso

You might think that a cold spring would mean a late frost, but in fact regional spring temperatures and the last day with frost are unrelated.  

Spring Is For Mushroom Hunting

May 16, 2017

May to October is mushroom hunting season in the Rocky Mountains. If names like pig's ear, puff balls, and fairy ring mushrooms don’t excite you, remember edible mushrooms are quite valuable, not to mention delicious.  

Many Utah homeowners dealt with broken pipes and flooded basements this winter and those built before 1980 were likely constructed with materials that contain asbestos. I was in the house of Lisa Jacobson Ward, a Logan, Utah resident who had flood damage throughout her basement this winter due to a burst pipe.

“So the water came out of that wall…”


Extreme precipitation this winter followed by extremely warm temperatures in February and March resulted in extensive flood damage to farmland throughout Cache County, Utah. 

Bruce Lundquist, executive director of the US Department of Agriculture Farm Service is reaching out to farmers who have experienced flooding.

Advances in sensor technology and data storage are dramatically changing how scientists understand human behavior. And residential water use is a behavior that effects citizens across the West. 



In late January and into February, Box Elder and Cache County experienced flooding that caused $6.7 million in infrastructure damages which does not include damage to private homes.