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In June 2006 a wildfire on Navajo Mountain destroyed all vegetation resulting in debris and sediment contaminating Beaver Springs, the source of all water for the Navajo Mountain community.

Did you know  2.9 trillion pounds of food are wasted each year, which is equal to one-third of the world’s food supply?  This is just one of the many facts you can learn in an award-winning online video about solid waste made by Utah State University engineering student Nathan Guyman.

Ka-Voka Jackson

As you float down the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to Lake Mead you may not realize that river right, the north side of the river, is owned and managed by the National Park Service and river left is managed by several groups including the Hualapai and Havasupai Indian nations.

Just like craft beers and homemade pickles, the artisanal cheese making business is on the rise. Utah is trying to make its mark in the artisanal cheese industry, with the first ever Utah Cheese Awards.  

In Rigby, Idaho at exactly 11:32 a.m. next Monday, the shadow of the moon will completely block the sun resulting in a total eclipse for three minutes.

Julie Kelso

Several neighborhoods around Cache Valley have been conducting hazardous waste collections, to ensure items such as oil, paint, electronics and prescription drugs are properly disposed of. Many truckloads of bikes, electronics, old cleaning supplies, and other households hazardous waste, were disposed of at two collection events.  

In February, operators of Oroville Dam in California noticed damage to the concrete spillway.  Record precipitation meant the dam was at 150% of historic holding capacity. Water was released through the compromised spillway resulting in a breach which caused erosion and mandatory flood evacuations.

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

The Bureau of Land Management is reconsidering travel routes for off-road vehicles on more than  6 million acres of Utah land.  BLM-Utah will revisit plans for lands surrounding Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and Dinosaur National Monument

The Logan River Task Force, a group of concerned citizens, hydrologist, and recreation specialists have formulated a plan to improve environmental and social ecosystem services along the Logan River. 

You might think that a cold spring would mean a late frost, but in fact regional spring temperatures and the last day with frost are unrelated.  

Spring Is For Mushroom Hunting

May 16, 2017

May to October is mushroom hunting season in the Rocky Mountains. If names like pig's ear, puff balls, and fairy ring mushrooms don’t excite you, remember edible mushrooms are quite valuable, not to mention delicious.  

Many Utah homeowners dealt with broken pipes and flooded basements this winter and those built before 1980 were likely constructed with materials that contain asbestos. I was in the house of Lisa Jacobson Ward, a Logan, Utah resident who had flood damage throughout her basement this winter due to a burst pipe.

“So the water came out of that wall…”


Extreme precipitation this winter followed by extremely warm temperatures in February and March resulted in extensive flood damage to farmland throughout Cache County, Utah. 

Bruce Lundquist, executive director of the US Department of Agriculture Farm Service is reaching out to farmers who have experienced flooding.

Advances in sensor technology and data storage are dramatically changing how scientists understand human behavior. And residential water use is a behavior that effects citizens across the West. 



In late January and into February, Box Elder and Cache County experienced flooding that caused $6.7 million in infrastructure damages which does not include damage to private homes.