Driveway Moments

I was driving to work (which just happens to be USU!), and as I was parking in the stadium, I decided I had to finish listening to Tom's Access Utah on July 25 because I was stunned. It was on homeless people in Utah, and I was so enthralled by the depth of the conversation I just couldn't turn it off. I realized the value of educating people about this issue, and that is the kind of service UPR provides to Utahns. 

I have been known to sit in my car in driveways or parking lots all over town listening to the end of a story on Utah Public Radio.  It is wonderful to get caught up in a story about a place far far away or a time in history or the future.  I particularly enjoy stories on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  

Driveway Moment: Commuting Informed

Oct 12, 2012

I don’t drive much, so I don’t have driveway moments. I have the opposite. I listen to so much public radio at home that it’s a wonder I ever get out of the house. I have been late to work more than once because I was standing in the kitchen finishing a story and completely lost track of time.

I’m a bike commuter and it is absolutely unsafe to listen to podcasts while riding a bike, so unlike most listeners, I actually go without my public radio fix while I commute.

There was an NPR feature during All Things Considered last month about Sweet Potatoes and how they are being used to feed villages in Africa. This was especially interesting to me because I had recently returned from Ethiopia where I witnessed villagers in Kerswa Ellala digging pits for their "food storage"— harvested rubber banana plants that can be eaten years after they are buried. Sweet potatoes was a crop I had never thought would work in Africa, but as I sat in my car outside my house listening, I was informed that yes, they do.