domestic violence

1 in 5 Utah women experience domestic violence.

A new state health survey shows almost one in five Utah women have experienced violence at the hands of an intimate partner but few of the women sought help.

Utah Department of Health has released new data from a 2016 poll of 10,000 adults in the state.

Memorez and Jase Rackley, mother and son murdered by her ex-boyfriend in June.

Utah lawmakers want to fix gaps in domestic violence law exposed when a man killed his ex-girlfriend and her son by opening fire on a car full of children after school.

Republican Sen. Todd Weiler says victim Memorez Rackley couldn't have gotten a protective order, despite a previous stalking report, because the couple had never been married or lived together.

The increasing ubiquity of gun violence has, unfortunately, become the norm across the world but particularly in the United States, where we have begun to hear horror after horror on an almost daily basis.  So much so that it has now started to produce a numbing effect, a helplessness that allows us to hear the news and say, “here we go again” and put it out of our mind.  Gun violence is now something we expect to happen.

  The Lethality Assessment Protocol, along with law enforcement, held a domestic violence press conference at the State Capitol Wednesday afternoon.