Arts and Culture

Encouraging Women in the Gaming Industry

Mar 16, 2017
Animation Vertigo

The CEO and founder of a Utah-based company that helps create animation and motion pictures for video games, is making a mark as one of the few women in the industry.

Call of Duty and The Amazing Spiderman are just two of the videogames that Animation Vertigo has helped create. CEO Marla Rausch believes spinning around on a web in The Amazing Spiderman isn’t just entertaining, but actually helps people empathize with and understand others.

VidAngel Releases First Full-Length Movie

Mar 13, 2017

After the recent court ruling requiring VidAngel to take down their custom-edited movies, VidAngel announced their first theatrical film release.

Cowboys Gather To Celebrate With Art And Music

Mar 9, 2017
Katherine Taylor

Last weekend, cowboys from across the country gathered for the 7th annual Cache Valley Cowboy Rendezvous where musicians and artisans presented their work based on western themes in Hyrum, Utah.

Using Documentaries to Raise Questions About Society

Mar 1, 2017

The Oscars on Sunday recognized documentaries about immigrants and refugees, including the documentary short winner “The White Helmets.” And at this years Sundance Film Festival, a panel of filmmakers discussed how their art is used to encourage social inquiry.

The Pain Of A World War II Refugee Painted Through Music

Feb 23, 2017


As a way of giving students access to professional performers and to enhance the cultural opportunities in Northern Utah, Utah State University’s Caine College of The Arts, has a group of string artists known as the The Fry Street Quartet.  

On the Stories We Tell: A Look Through Virtual Reality

Feb 14, 2017

Dear Angelica, a hand-drawn virtual reality film which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival explores the power of storytelling. The directors and writers wanted to create a film where the viewer can explore the fantasies of a young woman as she mourns the death of her mother. Saschka Unseld, director and co-writer, felt inspired by how stories have impacted his own life.


The virtual reality film "Melting Ice" featuring Al Gore aims to help the audience connect global events to their personal lives.

USU Performs Mozart Classic

Feb 6, 2017
Devin Davis

Utah State University's opera theatre recently performed La Finta Giardiniera by Mozart. The performance is the first Italian piece performed with the USU symphony orchestra. The piece has the honor of being guest directed by Daniel Helfgot.


Movie goers attending the opening of the Sundance Film festival in Park City witnessed the growing of a new format, virtual reality or VR films. One of the VR films, Hue, uses human interaction to help the character deal with depression.

When you first see Hue, his outline is black, made more distinct because of a plain white background - a colorless space with a desk. Through the use of a headset and a hand controller, the viewer virtually interacts with the cartoon. Hue responds and gradually the room begins to fill with color.

UPR's Plan for Sundance Coverage

Jan 20, 2017

UPR's Kerry Bringhurst spoke with Art's and Culture reporter Alyssa Robinson about her coverage plans for the Sundance Film Festival.

Emma Cardon, a senior in Logan High School, has been writing music most of her life. Recently she won the South-West division of the Music Teacher National Association Student Composition Competition. She is also a National YoungArts Foundation 2017 competition winner in the high school division.

USU Museum Closes For Expansion

Jan 6, 2017

Logan’s Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art at Utah State University is closed for remodeling until 2018. Museum Director Katie Lee Koven said the expansion is needed in order to preserve and maintain the quality of art stored and displayed.

Celebrating the Darkest Night of the Year

Dec 21, 2016

December is known to be a festive time of year with many holiday celebrations like Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas and Winter Solstice. Jennifer Hamilton, who is celebrating Winter Solstice, tells us about her traditions this time of year and the similarities it has to Christmas, including carols such as Deck the Halls.


  The Downwinders Project is an online archive that includes records and testimonies on the impacts of the Nuclear Testing.The tests started in 1951 and continued for more than 30 years forcing radiation to spread throughout Nevada, Utah and beyond. 

Gingerbread Homes Welcoming The Christmas Spirit

Dec 13, 2016
Suzy Metcalf

Along Main Street in Logan the Parade of Gingerbread homes is helping to create a festive candied atmosphere. Each gingerbread house uses the 12 Days of Christmas theme to draw inspiration for their creation. Sugary confections like these have been adorning window displays for more than three decades.


Nalini Nadkarni is a professor of Biology at the University of Utah and project coordinator of one of the National Science Foundation’s programs. One of her project ideas include the use of storytelling and theater to work with juvenile and adult inmates as a way of teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: 

Carol Berrey


The show is called “Fat Phobia” and is part of a larger multi-faceted program called “The Body Image Project.” Those at Art Access, which is a community-focused organization that uses art to drive ideas, wanted to tackle the concept of personal and social body image perspectives by deepening the conversation of weight. Within The Body Image Project was the Fat Phobia exhibit.

Bread & Butter Commentary: Pazole And Pinatas

Nov 23, 2016

Lael Gilbert talks about how food and fun can help people across all cultures meet in the middle - and it all started with a birthday invitation addressed to her 3rd grader with the added words "y familia."

Bread & Butter Commentary: "Pumpkin" Pie

Nov 23, 2016

Look forward to the iconic Thanksgiving treat, Pumpkin Pie? Food specialists Lael Gilbert explains how the pie, if made from the goop in the can, doesn't necessarily have pumpkin in it. 

The "Cattoo:" A New Symbol To Challenge Sexual Assault

Nov 17, 2016


In response to the tapes of Donald Trump’s locker room talk, Utah tattoo artists are taking a stand against sexual assault. During an event called “Can’t Grab This! Pussycat Tattoos Against Sexual Assault!” owners and workers from two Wasatch Front tattoo parlors inked images of cats on a crowd of fellow supporters.

Day Of The Dead - A Celebration Connecting Cultures

Nov 10, 2016
USU Access and Diversity Center

The yearly Latin celebration - Day of the Dead - is a chance for families to celebrate the lives of their loved ones who have passed - through colorful costumes, lively music and an offering of food. Held for the first time on the Utah State University campus, students celebrated the tradition.  

Empowering Others Through Poetry

Nov 3, 2016

Community artist Glenis Redmond is a workshop leader for The Kennedy Center for The Arts in Washington D.C. She recently visited Utah in an effort to expose more youth to poetry. She taught poetry classes to students and staff at a number of Cache Valley Schools including Logan’s Fast Forward Charter School, Logan High School and Edith Bowen Elementary School.

The Depth of Jimmie Jones Landscape Painting

Nov 3, 2016

James Aton recently won an award for his biography “The Art and Life of Jimmie Jones; Landscape Artist of Canyon Country”. Jimmie Jones is one of the most well-known landscape artists in southern Utah.

Reflecting on landscape painter Jimmie Jones' life, James Aton, admires the painter’s passion for the Utah landscape.

Learning The Art Of Natural Fabric Making

Oct 26, 2016

The Northern Utah Fiber Artisans is a guild which focuses on knitting and making crafts with fabric. This often includes producing their own fibers which will be turned into cloth. The guild recently held a Flax and Fiber workshop in Logan Canyon where the participants learned the process of making linen out of a flax plant.

The Connection Between Art and Activism

Oct 20, 2016
Meili Stokes


In a construction project to move oil across the United States, the Dakota Access Pipeline has been met with much resistance. The pipeline challengers have used art, song, video and other creative outlets to raise awareness of the dangers they believe the pipeline has toward the environment.