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Artist Sculpts Figures Relatable To Many

Feb 4, 2016
Photo: Mikey Kettinger

Jonathan Christensen is a sculptor based in Logan, Utah.  His recent exhibition at Utah State University’s Projects Gallery included portraits made of clay and found objects. The artworks illustrate Jonathan’s personal growth as a born-and-raised Utahn who has experienced a range of life-changing events. One being his parents’ toxic marriage, another being his decision to disconnect from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as an adolescent boy, in favor of immersing himself in the counter-culture of punk rock.


Utah Museum Explores Art, Kitsch and Culture

Jan 29, 2016
Photo: Mikey Kettinger

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word ‘kitsch’ as “Pretentious bad taste, especially in the arts.” Logan’s Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art has devoted a new exhibition to Kitsch and the evolution of its perception in the context of contemporary art.

Utah Museum Highlights Modern Uses of Ancient Mummies

Jan 17, 2016

Mummies of the World is on view at The Leonardo museum in Salt Lake City, with recently discovered mummies from Hungary, as well as mummies from Ancient Egypt and South America. 

"Fursonas" documentary

“Fursonas” is a documentary premiering at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City on Jan. 22. It’s a first time effort for director Dominic Rodriguez that focuses on the world of furries, people who like to dress up like animals.

Photo: Mikey Kettinger

Every four years, in conjunction with the presidential election, Americans become slightly more interested in politics. Polls, candidates, issues and parties become subjects of countless jokes and a lot of attention, and for some Salt Lake City museums, politics will be central themes for exhibitions.

Civil Rights Era Highlighted at BYU Museum Of Art

Dec 22, 2015

Two exhibitions at the BYU Museum of Art show perspectives on a critical component of American history:  racial integration. One of the exhibitions is by widely beloved illustrative painter Norman Rockwell, and the other is by photographer Herman Leonard.

Utah Musicians Raise Money With Crowdfunding

Dec 14, 2015
Photo: Mikey Kettinger

Internet crowd-funding has become a very common means of fundraising for emerging artists in Utah.  Websites like and allow anyone to create a website for any project, where they can embed a video about their ideas, and why they deserve your money.

Each project must set a fundraising goal with a deadline.  Typically, creators will provide incentives for donations, with more enticing gifts being attached to higher donations.  Some artists offer outlandish rewards for generous donors, like special performances or signed records.

Photo: Mikey Kettinger

The Republic of Zaqistan celebrated its tenth year of independence this November with a bar party at Twilite Lounge in Salt Lake City.  Festivities included $1 “Champagne of Beers”, and pop-up immigration and passport booths, where all in attendance were welcomed to apply for Zaqistani citizenship.

Zaqistani citizen Rick Aaron attended the event for work, where he reported live on television.

Acclaimed Harpsichordist Finds Inspiration In Hip Hop

Dec 8, 2015

Mahan Esfahani is a decorated, classically trained musician, but he prides himself on having an interest in performing classical music in a contemporary way.

“Music lives when we relate it to our own lives and we relate it to events around us, as Bach and Handel and others did,” Mahani said.

In addition to his traditional influences, he also cites modern artists as sources for inspiration, some of whom are widely considered to be opposites of classical music.

Documentary About Artist With Autism Screens In Logan

Nov 20, 2015

Their friendship formed through a mutual passion for visual art over a decade ago, but Ben Stamper and Justin Canha inadvertently became collaborators on a film about Justin’s dream to live on his own, and the process of overcoming obstacles associated with Autism.

“I know how to do laundry.  I did a great job cleaning up.  And I know how to get rid of garbage and recycling,” Canha said.

Justin is a talented artist and art educator, with a particular interest in drawing postage stamp sized portraits of cartoon characters and animals.

A play entitled "Good Kids" made its Utah premier at the University of Utah’s Studio 115 last week.  The production was inspired by the nationally controversial sexual assault of a teenage girl by varsity football players in Steubenville, Ohio.

The play was written by Naomi Lizuka, and is directed by Julie Rada.

“1 in 5 women on college campuses is sexually assaulted or raped so that is certainly very relevant and topical.” Rada said.

Logan River To Have Art Installation

Oct 28, 2015
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Mark Lee Koven, artist and professor at Utah State is currently working on an interactive art installation in the Logan river, focusing on the caddisfly; an insect whose presence is deeply connected to a river’s health. The project is set to open in late Spring of 2016.


In the lapping swirls of the Logan river, an art installation is set to finish next spring.


Eastern Utah Photographer Finds Beauty Among the Fossils

Oct 26, 2015
Randy Fullbright

Randy Fullbright has lived all around the world, but moved to Vernal, Utah in 1998 to open Fullbright Studios. The current site of Fullbright Studios is an old gas station that was converted into an art gallery, specializing in works inspired by the breathtaking natural beauty of the western landscape. Mr. Fullbright has made a name for himself as a landscape photographer, specifically a photographer of the vistas that surround Dinosaur National Monument.

USU Caine School of the Arts


Organized in 2010 under the direction of Utah State University Caine School of the Arts Dean, Craig Jessop, the Scotsman Pipe and Drum Corps rehearses in a parking lot.

That parking lot happens to be shared by the Utah Public Radio staff.  Each Wednesday at 6 p.m. we have access to a parking lot concert that is second to none.  The twills from the tasseled bags filled with air are a perfect complement to the cloud covered “highlands” of Cache Valley.

Utah Museum Exhibits Art Of Award-Winning Painter

Oct 13, 2015

Every two years, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) awards an artist with the Catherine Doctorow Prize for Contemporary Painting.  The prize includes $15,000  and an exhibition at UMOCA.

Earlier in October in Escalante, on the edge of the Grand Staircase, the weather was beautiful, but 150 people chose to sit in a darkened auditorium to watch slides of Utah rock art.


It’s called the Utah Rock Art Research Association, the biggest and oldest such group, and it’s president, Richard Jenkinson, was one of the presenters at the once a year event.


Weston Lee Allen

It has become a tradition for the American Festival Chorus and Orchestra to center their Family Pops Concert on a theme.

Rita Moreno To Visit USU

Oct 5, 2015

  Actress Rita Moreno has won an Academy Award, a Tony, multiple Emmys, and a Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award. Many adults remember watching her on the children’s program Electric Company.  


"When my mother put me into kindergarten there wasn't a single Hispanic child  in that class, and of course I didn't speak a word of English, so it was a very difficult couple of years...So I grew up thinking that I had very little value," she said. 

Boyd Bringhurst

The world premiere of an independent movie about a Utah father who faced tragedy and learned to forgive included a panel discussion about the power of forgiving.  Religious leaders, psychologist, and families attended Monday evening’s Night of Forgiveness.                                                                                                                       

Professional Women Dress Up For Comic Con

Sep 29, 2015
Stephanie Stowell

Salt Lake City’s Comic Con event set a new Guinness World record Friday for the largest gathering of people dressed as comic book characters and three of those who participated are professional businesswomen Stephanie Stowell, an entrepreneur in Logan, Ally Bailey and Rachel Hamm who are business managers at Utah State University’s Caine College of the Arts.

Murray Man Becomes Balloonist After Fifty

Aug 27, 2015
Josh Lewis

People gathered in Eden, Utah recently to enjoy music, art, and the main attraction, hot air balloons.

“I like seeing when the balloons go off and when they light up," said Rebecca Spinelli - an attendee at the Ogden Valley Balloon & Artist Festival. "​It makes me feel really cool. I want to ride in one but it’s kind of scary.”

Ballroom In Utah Dances To Its Own Rhythm

Jul 28, 2015
Melissa Allison

Utah’s youth have drawn attention over the years in reality shows like “So You Think You Can Dance,” and “Dancing with the Stars.” They have shown up each season and demonstrated to millions of viewers that when it comes to dance, Utahns don’t mess around.

Moab Rotary Club Has Car Show To Fund Scholarships

Apr 23, 2015
Moab Rotary Club

The Moab Rotary Club is kicking off their 23rd annual April Action Car Show Friday with all of the proceeds going toward scholarships for high school and college students.

“The Rotary Club are looking for deserving students who aren’t getting a lot of scholarships everywhere else," said John Fogg, the director of the Moab Rotary Club. "We give out five $1,000 scholarships”

Fogg said there are more people that show up for the show each year than live in Moab.

Mary Kaye poses for the camera wearing a cowboy hat and hair in a braid.

Last week acclaimed cowboy performer and songwriter Mary Kaye spent the morning doing educational outreach at Canyon Elementary School.

With 10 kids of her own, Kaye knows how to enthrall an audience of fifth graders with a genre of music many had never heard before that morning.

Many wonder, well, so what is Western music? Is it similar to Country?

Colonel Larry Lang conducts the Air Force Concert Band.
U.S. Air Force Band

In ancient times, the assembling of soldiers in military drills was accompanied, at the very least, by a drummer and a fife player. It played a very practical role in the movement of troops, providing a cadence and a beat to march to. These musicians were also responsible for improving the morale of the soldiers. Today, the United States Air Force Band and Singing Sergeants represent the pinnacle of professionalism and musicality as they provide community outreach, and honor our veterans.

Colonel Larry Lang is the current commander and conductor of the United States Air Force Band.