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11:57 am
Wed August 8, 2012

Utah Last in Educating Children is an Outrage

Utah ranks last in the amount of money spent per student in the nation once again. Thad Box says  parents should be outraged, and education is important for children of all ages. 

12:06 pm
Thu July 26, 2012

This is the Place: My First Pioneer Day

Jennifer admits that Wallace Stegner's Mormon Country somehow led her to move to Utah.

Even though Jennifer's ancestors came to Ellis Island from Greece and England, then West in a station wagon in the 1960s, she shares how Utah's history of pioneers is one that resonates. 


"The story of the settling of Utah by the Mormons, though, is one of the greatest stories in American history. Really. It's mind blowing. It is an amazing immigration, a diaspora, a vision, an epic adventure."


12:06 pm
Wed June 27, 2012

Connections at the Gardener's Market

Thad Box tells us about the connection between Mother Earth and ourselves at the Gardener's Market. 

12:57 pm
Wed June 20, 2012

Mac vs. PC: A family battle

Gina Wickwar tells us of the battle that is sure to ensue as she faces off with her grown children over their upcoming family vacation: Mac vs. PC. 

10:56 am
Tue June 19, 2012

Garage Sale Lessons

Steve Eaton talks all about the tricks of getting just what you want, and maybe what you don't really need, at a garage sale. 

11:13 am
Thu June 14, 2012

The Euro and Us

Ed Kociela discusses economics, the Euro, and the G20 meeting next week, as well as the Greek election this Sunday. 

11:17 am
Tue June 12, 2012

A Dog's Life with Steve Eaton

Steve Eaton talks about the dogs in his life, the four legged ones, and the lessons we can learn from them. 

11:34 am
Thu June 7, 2012

Gina's Garden Grubs

Gina tells us why she is the garden procrastinating queen-- the grubs and pests. 

4:41 pm
Tue May 22, 2012

Eclipse Party, Anyone?

This week's solar eclipse in Utah had all the makings of a good holiday. Jennifer Pemberton tells us why something that hasn't happened in 18 years is definitely worth celebrating.

3:55 pm
Tue May 8, 2012

Camping Regrets with Steve Eaton

"The weather's warming up which means it's time to remember the colossal mistake."