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Access Utah is UPR's original program focusing on the things that matter to Utah. The hourly show airs daily at 9:00 a.m. and covers everything from pets to politics in a range of formats from in-depth interviews to call-in shows.

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Access Utah
9:19 am
Tue August 21, 2012

Hollywood Comes to Town on Access Utah Tuesday

James D’Arc is out with a second edition of his book “When Hollywood Came to Town—A History of Movie making in Utah.”

We’ll spend the hour with James D’Arc and hear clips from several famous movies shot in Utah on Tuesday’s AU, including Better Off Dead. 

Access Utah
11:50 am
Mon August 20, 2012

Soil and Food Preservation on Access Utah Monday

If your soil is sandy, or if it has too much clay, the best way to change it is with a consistent program of adding organic matter. The most efficient and easiest way to do this is by planting a cover crop.  You can do this in the spring or in the fall. Seed is readily available and fairly inexpensive, and all you have to do is incorporate the crop into the soil at the appropriate time. You’ll add precious organic matter that holds water more efficiently and adds nutrients back into soil to be used later by your vegetables or ornamentals. USU soils specialist, Grant Cardon, will be in studio for the first half hour to instruct us in how to do this.

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Access Utah
11:14 am
Fri August 17, 2012

Satellite Conference Flies Forward in the Field on Access Utah Friday

Small satellites are the lasting trend in the space business, they can save your life and are something the public benefits from everyday when we use electronics like cell phones or iPads. On Friday’s special one-hour program, producer Sheri Quinn explores the 26th annual small satellite conference that took place the past week at Utah State University. There were 1,100 attendees from 23 countries, sharing knowledge and ideas, technology and aerospace products. 


Access Utah
10:52 am
Fri August 17, 2012

"A Thousand Voices" on Access Utah Thursday

"His name was Carlos. Carlos Louis Salazar. And when his mother had troubles, I more or less stole him. Or that's what I always said. He was the son I wanted, and I did get him for a while."  So writes Jeri Parker in A Thousand Voices, her new memoir of the remarkable relationship between a young, single woman and the wild, beautiful boy, who for a time took the place of the son she’d lost.

Access Utah
11:12 am
Wed August 15, 2012

Tourism and Wolves on Wednesday Access Utah

What should be the place of tourism in Utah’s economy, especially with regard to the kinds of jobs it creates?  And how do we promote cultural tourism as opposed to windshield tourism? On Wednesday’s AU we feature a conversation from the recent Utah Rural Summit, with Leigh von der Esch, Managing Director of the Utah Office of Tourism and Maria Twitchell, Executive Director of the Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism Bureau.

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Access Utah
11:23 am
Tue August 14, 2012

Romney's VP, Congressional Races, and Politics on AU Tuesday

Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential pick, Paul Ryan

Deseret News political columnists Frank Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb respond to Mitt Romney’s selection of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate on Tuesday’s AU.  They’ll also debate the merits of the Electoral College, and talk about civility (or a lack thereof) in politics, the race for Utah’s 4th Congressional district, and the recent American Legislative Exchange Council convention in Salt Lake City.

Access Utah
11:10 am
Mon August 13, 2012

Hoppers and Fliers in the Garden on Access Utah Monday

Grasshoppers tend to lay their eggs in undisturbed fields, there are no brown recluses in Utah, and you may not want to get rid of the bees in your yard. Bryan Earl talks to USU Extension Entemoloist Diane Alston in studio about bugs. 

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Access Utah
11:04 am
Fri August 10, 2012

City Academy Students Explore Groups in Society on AU Friday

As school days edge closer, producers Sheri Quinn and Suzi Montgomery present this special archival program, a compilation of previously aired youth produced stories from Utah teens from City Academy Charter School in Salt Lake City.  We learn about one teen's gang life, what a boiler maker is, and one teen's perspective on polygamy.  

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Access Utah
11:01 am
Thu August 9, 2012

Live from The Utah Rural Summit on Access Utah Thursday

The Utah Rural Summit in Cedar City is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and Access Utah will be there on Thursday. Panelists at the conference will discuss economic opportunities, demographic change, leadership, natural resources and agriculture in rural Utah.

Tom Williams’ guests will include Jack Schultz, Founder and CEO of Agracel, Inc., and author of Boomtown USA: The 7 1/2 Keys to Big Success in Small Towns and USDA Rural Development State Director for California, Glenda Humiston, who has developed innovative investment models for rural areas.

Access Utah
5:41 pm
Tue August 7, 2012

Life on Mars and Water in Nevada on AU Wednesday

This image taken by NASA's Curiosity shows what lies ahead for the rover -- its main science target, Mount Sharp.
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

The Mars rover Curiosity touched down safely early Monday morning as thousands worldwide looked on. Curiosity will now get to work investigating whether or not Mars has had a climate hospitable to life. We’ll celebrate this monumental engineering success and look ahead to the science to come, with University of Utah Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Tabitha Buehler; Kent Tobiska, Director of Utah State University’s Space Weather Center; and former NASA employee and current USU Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Stephen Whitmore.

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