The Zesty Garden - June 5

Jun 5, 2014


USU Extension Vegetable Specialist Dan Drost is in studio for some garden talk. Among the topics is our continued discussion about growing the best tomatoes. And in Petals and Prose, Helen Cannon reads why Shakespeare really knew his plants.

Dan Drost's Five Planting Aphorisms

1. 3X rule: Don't plant seeds any deeper than 3X their thickness (as they lay on their sides)

2. 30+ rule: The temperature inside any kind of clear/transleuscent plant dome will be 30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

3. One-finger rule: When planting transplants, put them in the ground one fingernail deeper than the soil in which they were planted originally.

4. 50% rule: Transplants are ready to plant in the garden when their roots have filled no more than 50% of the soil they're growing in. Just lift the plant to see how much their roots have filled their container.

5. Tall/Short rule of irrigation: As tall as the plant grows is as deep as the root goes. Make sure to water all the way to the bottom of the roots. Taller plants need longer water. Shorter plants may need it more often.