You Can!: Miss Wheelchair Utah's Chance to Become Miss Wheelchair America

Jul 27, 2012

Next week is the Miss Wheelchair America Pageant. One of the contestants is the current Miss Wheelchair Utah, Brittany Cox of Logan. Brianna Bodily talked to Cox about her year serving Utah and her anticipation of the week-long national pageant

As Miss Wheelchair Utah Brittany Cox has had the opportunity to give talks on disability awareness. Her platform is "You Can":

"There really isn't anything you can't do if you have the will to do it and the desire to go for it...Right after my accident happened, my family was told that I probably wouldn't survive and if I did they gave me a life expectancy of 5 years. I far exceeded anything anybody thought I would ever do. I'm completely independent. I got married. I've gone to school."

The pageant is in Providence, Rhode Island, and includes workshops and seminars and a day of mentoring a child in a wheelchair. There are 28 participants from 28 states.

To learn more about Miss Wheelchair America and how you can support Brittany Cox in the pageant, visit her Facebook Page.