"Year of No Sugar” On Monday's Access Utah

Jun 16, 2014

In her memoir ”Year of No Sugar,” Eve Schaub recounts her family’s attempt to eliminate sugar from their lives. We’ll talk with Eve Schaub on Monday’s AU and we’re going to talk about your attempts (successful or not) to change your eating habits, whatever your goal is. 

Credit http://eveschaub.com/

 What’s happening, how’s  it going, what has been the result? How are your family and friends reacting? We’ll invite you to respond during the program, but I’d love to hear from you right now. If you go online toupr.org and respond to our question, “What’s in your diet?” you can help guide the program. By telling us about your eating choices and experiences, you’ll become a valued source in the Public Insight Network: our source base of listeners who help shape our coverage of issues by sharing their stories and insights. Just go online to upr.org and click “become a source.” And, of course, we hope you’ll join us for Access Utah, Monday morning at 9:00.