What Are You Watching? Monday's Access Utah

Jun 28, 2013

Credit shutterstock.com

Last week our UPR community compiled an impressive book list. Now, we want to know what movies & television shows you’re watching. What’s in your Netflix queue right now?  Is there a movie or show that has had a big impact on you? Which shows and movies are you looking forward to seeing? Maybe you’d like to tell us a personal story connected to a favorite movie. We’d love to hear about movies and shows in any and all genres. What’s on your all-time top ten list?

We also want to know how you are watching: Theater? Broadcast TV? Cable? Netflix? Video Rental? Share your movie and television list with us here, on our Utah Public Radio Facebook page, by email, or call us during the show at 1-800-826-1495.

We've collected your favorites. Check out the list you gave us.