Volunteers Maintain Winter Trails In Northern Utah

Jan 31, 2017

Credit Aimee Cobabe

Northern Utah has received several feet of snow recently. Piles of powdered and packed snow can cause headaches. But for many outdoor enthusiasts, winter weather provides the perfect recipe for fun.

Just a short drive from Cache Valley’s downtown Logan to the west facing mountains is Green Canyon. Several volunteer-made trails here function specifically for winter recreation.

The volunteers who take care of the trails are part of a non-profit group called Nordic United.

Gino pearson, is Nordic United’s president.

“So we have a good grooming volunteer base and so when that storm came in last week or a couple weeks ago,” Pearson says. “People are coming out to get the snow packed down early on and then strategically getting back and getting back and getting back.”

And part of that packing down makes the trail perfect for skate skiing.

The trail is not easy to walk on in boots, but it is not impossible. It’s packed down well and there are actually lines in the snow so you can ski a little easier with cross country skis or skate skis.

According to these skiers and mountain bikers --Gino Pearson, Danny Spencer and Ashley Rodey --there are a lot of benefits to playing outside—even when it’s cold.

“It’s a nice lifestyle; it’s a nice way to get fresh air,” Pearson says. “And you’ll be in bright blue skies—nice sun.”

“This is a great way to get out, enjoy some exercise, take the dogs for a run,” Danny Spencer says.

Sot: it’s a great place to ski and bring the dogs and it’s really fun,” Ashley Rodey says.

“And it allows you to eat more food,” Pearson says. “If you spend two hours up there, then you can eat more.”