Vegan Lifestyle on Thursday's Access Utah

Mar 20, 2014

Are you Vegan? Vegetarian? Meat-eater? We’d love to hear from you on Thursday’s AU. We’re going to examine the vegan diet and lifestyle. 


Why go vegan? Health? Concern for animals? The environment? Hungry people around the world? What about wearing leather or silk? Is it healthy to give up meat & dairy products? How strict should you be: is it ok to come and go with a vegan diet? What about relationships among vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters: how do you navigate potential tension points? We’ll be talking with USU student & UPR News Intern Morgan Pratt Robinson, a vegetarian who recently unsuccessfully tried a transition to a vegan diet; Christine McPherson, who is mostly vegan; and USU Geoscience Education Instructor & “Fresh Folk” Host, Blair Larsen, who is vegetarian. We’ll also talk with Attila Hildman, television chef and author of “Vegan for Fun” & “Vegan for Fit.” Hildman decided to focus on his health after losing his father to a heart attack and has shed 77 pounds since the start of his vegan diet in 2000. He says that you need not adopt a 100% vegan diet, but simply make the decision to get started and that even consuming vegan meals for one day each week will improve your health.