Vandals Hit Water Conservancy Facility Again

Apr 10, 2013

We’ve seen it here in southern Utah. We’ve seen cases along the Wasatch front as recently as last week, and over the weekend another incident in Washington County. What is it? Copper theft.

Over the weekend, someone broke into the hydroelectric facility at Quail Creek and caused over one-thousand dollars in damage. Nothing was missing, but it was obvious what the individuals were after.

Cory Cram is the Assistant Director of the Washington County Water Conservancy.

The phenomenon follows the typical selfish criminal pattern, hundreds of dollars stolen, and thousands of tax-payer dollars in repairs.

The water district also suffered a copper theft at a water conservation garden in Tonaquint a few weeks ago.  In Salt Lake County, copper thieves made off with nearly seven miles of copper wire feeding overhead lighting structures on I-15.