Utah's Reaction To The Recent Race Rallies On Thursday's Access Utah

Aug 17, 2017

Credit Salt Lake Tribune

We'll discuss the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia. We’ll ask if there should be any limits to free speech and assembly. What provisions should be made if the protesters are armed? Should ideas repugnant to most people be allowed expression? When such ideas are expressed what should the push-back look like? Is President Trump right to see an equivalence between the protesters and counter-protesters in Charlottesville? Regarding controversial monuments and memorials: How should we make decisions on what stays and what gets removed? We’ll try to put the seemingly-escalating tensions over race in context, and look at where we go from here.


Our guests include USU Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Jason Gilmore; Nicole Vouvalis, a lawyer with USU’s Office of Research and Graduate Studies; Darlene McDonald with the Utah Women of Color Council; and Moroni Benally from the Utah League of Native American Voters.


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