Utahn's Water Rights and IT Conference on Tuesday's Access Utah

Feb 5, 2013

Credit USAC

In today’s program we discuss The Cloud, Mobile Computing, security issues and the problems and opportunities of our increasingly interconnected digital world. We’ll preview the Information Technology Conference sponsored by the Utah State University Huntsman School of Business Partners in Business. The conference held Wednesday on USU campus and focuses on Mobile and Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Network Security. We’ll talk with Steven John, Strategic Chief Information Officer for Workday, and Kimberley Jones, Founder and CEO of Verite.

In the second half, we consider the question of the proper balance between property rights and the public right to access Utah’s waterways. HB141 (passed in 2010) restricted the right to stand on stream beds without permission of the land owner. The Utah Stream Access Coalition is challenging HB 141 in court, saying that “Utahns’ [have a] constitutional right to use their public waters.” The sponsor of HB 141, Rep. Kay McIff, is out with another bill on the subject, HB 68 this session. We’ll talk with Craig Coburn who represents the Utah Stream Access Coalition.