Utah Valley University Announces Expansion Plan

Mar 20, 2013

Utah Valley University was granted the funds to build a new facility by the Utah Legislature. If Governor Herbert signs the bill, the project will move forward in the summer.

On Monday, Utah Valley University announced plans of an expansion to its campus in Orem.  UPR’s Stephen Tanner tells us why the new expansion is much needed for a crowded UVU campus. 

The Utah State Legislature recently approved 54 million dollars for UVU to build a 240 thousand square foot building.   The classroom building was approved by the House and Senate at the close of the Legislature’s 2013 session. Now all it needs is Governor Gary Herbert’s signature. 

The new building will provide relief to overcrowded classrooms. It will include 34 classrooms ranging in size from 40 to 330 seats and a 1,000-seat auditorium.  

Since gaining University status in 2008, UVU’s student population has grown quickly for its small campus in Orem. UVU officials say that the campus has the fewest square feet per student of any institution in the Utah System of Higher Education.   

If approved by the Governors office, the University will begin construction on the new building this summer.