Utah tourist towns hit hard by government shutdown

Oct 10, 2013

The government shutdown is taking a toll on local tourist towns surrounding national parks. Rick Bailey, San Juan County Administrator, said the tourism is vital to the economic stability of towns adjacent to the national parks.

The government shutdown has affected tourist traffic for national parks.
Credit National Park Service

“Our local businesses -- hotel/motel, restaurant, tourism, sales-type businesses-- have really had an economic impact with the closure of the park’s monuments, parks and recreation areas,” Bailey said.

To help prevent the continued closure of the national parks, San Juan County is considering taking over and reopening national parks. Phil Lyman, San Juan County Commissioner, said he is working as hard as he can to get the parks to reopen peacefully. He also said he is waiting to hear from Governor Herbert who has contacted the White House for permission to reopen the parks.

Regardless of who opens the national parks, the county is preparing to reopen.