Utah Musician, Professor Featured On Grammy Nominated Tracks

Jan 16, 2014

This year’s Grammys are on the 26th and featured on a recording nominated for “Best Instrumental Arrangement” and “Best Instrumental Composition” is a professor from Utah State University.

Guitar Studies Director Corey Christiansen plays on famous jazz musician Chuck Owen’s latest album, River Runs.

“Whenever he’s needed, you know, more non-conventional jazz kind of things, like 12-string guitar, nylon-string guitar, steel-string guitar, I’ve always kind of been his go-to guy,” Christiansen said.

Christiansen first played with Owen in the late 1990s. He describes Owen’s music as contemporary jazz written for big band and studio orchestra.

Each song on River Runs is written to depict Owen’s journeys on various rivers. Christiansen said the album is like visual sound.

Corey Christiansen
Credit coreychristiansen.com

“This piece of his is really so astounding, I just hope that all of the voting members of the Grammys will really understand how significant this work is.”

Christiansen says he’ll be watching the awards show from home.