Utah County Helps Residents With Spring Cleaning

Apr 9, 2014

If you’re planning on doing a bit of spring cleaning this weekend, make sure you know which products are safe to throw away and which need proper hazardous waste disposal.

Residents of Utah County will be able to dispose of hazardous waste at a special event this weekend.
Credit Logan City

Utah County is trying to make the sorting process easier by offering a special collection of hazardous items this Saturday. Utah County Health Department spokesman Lance Madigan said items including old gasoline, paint, light bulbs, and electronics will be collected at the event.

“We generally see 200 to 300 people come through,” said Madigan. “People will come with everything from a handful of medications to dispose of to large trucks full of paint.”

A few items such as explosives, materials containing asbestos and propane tanks will not be accepted.

Utah County isn’t the only region of Utah getting involved in spring cleaning. Logan City recently announced a program that lets residents report damaged waste cans on the city’s website.