Utah Congressman Chaffetz Looks for Answers in Secret Service Scandal

Big questions still remain in the investigation of several Secret Service members who allegedly brought prostitutes into their room while on assignment in Columbia and Utah Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz is helping to find answers.

Chaffetz serves on the Government Oversight and Reform Committee in Washington D.C. which is already looking into the situation:

“These people are protecting the President, the Republican nominee, the cabinet, and so if you're allowing prostitutes into your room you are compromising national security. They have credentialing, they have maps of what the president is going to do. There is other sensitive information and perhaps the opportunity to exploit somebody. That's just unexplainable.”

Chaffetz worries that with 11 secret service members placed on leave in the incident, it may not have been the first time something like this has happened.

“It does not seem that it was an isolated incident given the sheer number of people involved. Every once in awhile you are going to have someone do something stupid but our concern is with so many people involved this might not have been the first time it happened.”

Prostitution is legal in Columbia but the Secret Service personnel are expected to follow behavior guidelines.