USU's Michael Morgan Says Speed Week A 'Go'

Aug 11, 2014

Mike Morgan, a USU alum kneels next to the race car used for 2012-2013.

Update 8/11/14: Speed Week 2014 at the Bonneville Salt Flats was canceled do to the race track conditions after severe rainstorms. The Southern California Timing Association board, which planned the event, issued a statement that there is a possibility of extending the World Finals event (Sep. 30-Oct. 3) into a full-week event to make up for the loss of the Speed Week races. 

Utah State alumni Mike Morgan said that the race is on despite threats of bad weather.

“Yeah, Speed week is still planned to go. Currently what the plan is based on the assessment of the salt, looking at the history, meeting with the racers and everything else.”

Morgan said crews will go out Friday and start cleaning up the pits and track for the race.

“There’s still a possibility of rain, but based on traditional Wendover history, I think we’ll be okay.”

Over an inch and a half of water disappeared yesterday, Morgan said, so things are looking promising.

Morgan said the flats will open Sunday.

Some of the courses will open Monday so teams can begin racing. The teams will decide how they feel about the salt trails throughout the day.

“Speed week is definitely still a go. We have some unexpected time on our hands to do it,” said Morgan.