USU receives $6 million for Center for Entrepreneurship

Oct 18, 2013

Utah State University’s Huntsman School of Business has received a 6 million dollar financial gift. The money, provided by USU alumnus Jeffery Clark and his wife Bonnie will be used in the construction of the school’s new building. Huntsman School of Business Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, Mike Glauser, explained.

Mike Glauser and Jeff Clark; Clark and his wife have given 6 million dollars to the Huntsman School of Business at USU.
Credit Huntsman Alumni Magazine, Utah State University

“We’re building a new building called Huntsman Hall, which is in construction right now. And his funds will help to build out the Center for Entrepreneurship—which will be on the top floor of that building,” Glauser said.

The Center for Entrepreneurship will be named after Clark, himself an entrepreneur in the financial industry.

“The Center for Entrepreneurship brings together all of the resources that students and community members might need to start and launch and grow a new business,” Glauser said.

The new center will offer special curriculum, workshops, lectures and resources for new business owners.

Glauser said USU’s roots as a Land Grant University means the services from the new center will be available across the state.

The new building is set to open in the fall of 2015.