USU Museum Closes For Expansion

Jan 6, 2017


Logan’s Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art at Utah State University is closed for remodeling until 2018. Museum Director Katie Lee Koven said the expansion is needed in order to preserve and maintain the quality of art stored and displayed.

“What we’re able to do with this project is add 7,600 square feet over three floors," Koven said. "At the basement level, we are expanding our collection storage. We have about 5,000 objects in our collection and with a building that was constructed in 1982, that storage has become filled. We are very excited about being able to add some square footage to properly care for and store the art that we have in our collection."

In addition to creating more space to store the artwork, museum plans call for an expanded entrance and lobby space, with the possibility of a small store and cafe. By making a clear entrance that is easy to see, Koven believes the public will feel more welcomed and become more aware of the art.  

“We have this fantastic art collection but everyone refers to this museum as a hidden gem," she said. "My goal has been to make us no longer a hidden gem, but just a gem, one that our community utilizes as well as the university students and faculty members.”

While the museum is closed, staff and curators will engage with the art community by hosting events, including regular museum concerts and family art days but at different locations.

“So we are going to continue to do our programming in addition to using our mobile art truck to get out into the community and serve our kids and community members," she said. "So we won’t be completely quiet while we are closed. We will be actually quite busy.”