USU graduate sparks kindness blitz

Oct 7, 2013

A former Utah State University student’s personal effort to do small acts of kindness every day for a year has turned into a much larger effort.

Braden Thompson started Project #365Aware earlier this year after deciding he wanted to make small acts of kindness the norm instead of the exception. Thompson had been working alone, making an effort to reach out to strangers and learn their stories; but when he received an overwhelming response from friends following his effort on the internet, he knew he had to do something bigger.

“I think naturally people want to be better and want to do those things—I think it just needed a little reminding. I guess it just happened at the right time,” Thompson said.

With over 100 supporters ready to do their own acts of kindness, Thompson held an Unexpected Kindness Blitz on Monday. Those involved have been sharing their experiences on twitter and tumblr. They have been posting stories such as paying-off a stranger’s parking ticket, reverse-pickpocketing and sharing a meal with people in need.

Thompson said the experience has made him realize that these small acts really do add up. He hopes to spread the Unexpected Kindness Blitz by getting more universities across the state involved.

Thompson said simply being more aware of the people around you can create a meaningful change.

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