USU cyclists ride to victory in national competition

Oct 14, 2013

Utah State University bikers have taken first place in a competition that pitted universities and workplaces across the nation against one another.

Utah State University placed first among Universities in the National Bike Challenge.
Credit Utah State University

USU registered over 200 cyclists for the National Bike Challenge, which began in May and concluded at the end of September. The challenge is a wellness initiative that awards bikers points for the miles they ride during daily commutes and exercise.

USU sustainability coordinator Alexi Lamm said the university decided to get involved for health and environmental reasons.

“Logan has a lot of opportunities for cyclists and as a university we’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint, so it was a good way for people to be healthy and exercise and also effect emissions from vehicles throughout the summer,” Lamm said.

USU took first place out of competing universities and seventh out of over 7,000 workplaces. The university’s cyclists rode over 91,000 miles this summer, saving 41,000 lbs. of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere during daily car commutes.

Lamm said friendly competition on campus helped inspire people to ride who hadn’t picked up a bike in years.

“I think a lot of people enjoyed the motivation to get out there and ride their bikes. There was a little competition between departments—kind of the right amount—enough to push you but not too much,” Lamm said.

Lamm hopes to have even more students and faculty participate in next year’s competition.