Urquhart Sticks With LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill

Feb 3, 2014

On Friday, Sen. Steve Urquhart (R) reaffirmed his support for his LGBT non-discrimination bill - S.B. 100.

At an afternoon press conference, he encouraged Utahns to come to the Senate Chamber doors and post messages asking the Senate to hear his bill.

The entrance to the Senate Chamber at the Utah State Capitol is seen covered in messages in support of State Sen. Stephen Urquhart's anti-discrimination bill.
Credit Ryan Cunningham

Posting a blue note on the Senate Chamber doors that simply says, “Hear SB 100,” Sen. Steve Urquhart entreated other Utahns to do the same in support of his LGBT anti-discrimination bill.

And many Utahns answered his call, plastering the Senate doors with blue notes, signs, and messages of encouragement for the Senate to find on Monday morning.

It was a notable display, one that Senate President Wayne Niederhauser says underlies the emotion behind the issue.

But the passion shown by Urquhart and his supporters is unlikely to sway Niederhauser, who believes S.B. 100 or other bills tangentially dealing with the same-sex marriage issue should be put off until the courts decide on the Constitutionality of Amendment 3.

Urquhart says he’s unsure how discussion of his bill might affect court decisions on the same-sex marriage case, but he also says any debate on his bill shouldn’t have an effect — if the right tone is used.
According to Sen. John Valentine, S.B. 100 was introduced in the Rules Committee last week, but it is currently being held at the request of Senate leadership.

At this point, barring a vote by the committee to overrule Senate leaders, it seems unlikely that SB 100 will make it out of the Rules Committee.