Urban trail vote gets big support in Logan

Oct 2, 2013

Municipal leaders in Logan on Tuesday night took a big step toward improving the city’s urban trails. Council members approved a $1.75 million deal that will fund trail construction projects to connect Logan neighborhoods to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and other paths in and around Logan Canyon.

Logan resident Mark Lunt was an active supporter for the enhanced trail system and has advocated for more livable communities throughout the city.

“I think the centerpiece of the project is connecting the Boulevard Trail all the way up to First Dam along the canal trail where the canal washed out," he said.

Logan resident Mark Lunt appears in this YouTube video, encouraging residents to back municipal leaders in passing a trail improvement measure.

Lunt made a YouTube video explaining how the improvements would connect users to a network of walking paths.

He says his mini campaign was effective at spreading the word. Logan Municipal Council members received about 200 emails in support of the project. Overall, Lunt says urban trails enhance the quality of life in cities and help set them apart.

“A trail system really is part of the infrastructure of the city," he added. "And connectivity is such a big deal for cities and citizens. The trail system is a way that can connect so many people and users together, and I think that is what is so helpful.”

Lunt credited Logan councilwoman Holly Daines and Mayor Randy Watts for getting the measure passed. Funding for the project will come from existing sources and will not raise tax rates in Logan.

The Herald Journal newspaper of Logan compiled a list of improvements and how the funding will be used.