UPR Newsline with Dave Greiling

Mar 21, 2012

Kerry talks to the Standard Examiner's editor Dave Greiling every Wednesday about the paper's headlines.

Weber State Tuition Hike
Weber State University asking its board of regents to increase tuition and fees. The Standard Examiner reports that an increase of 5% in tuition could go into effect for the summer session. Dave Greiling says the increase "For a full-time undergraduate that's a state resident...would be about $110 a semester."

Snow Pack
Snow pack levels along the Wasatch Front are better than they were earlier in the winter, but still below what they were last year. Willard Bay is 90% full, which means it's time to start thinking about water skiing.

Hill Air Force Base Major General Promoted
President Obama promoted Commander Andrew E. Bush to 3-star general and his new job is at Air Force Material Command in Ohio. His 2-star position at Hill Air Force base was going to be eliminated in October due to restructuring efforts. Greiling says, "Bush's promotion was obviously earned by his merit, but at some point Hill will no longer be commanded by a 2-star general."

Full text of these stories and more Utah news is at the Standard Examiner's website.