UPIN Asks: How Do We Keep Utah's Watershed Clean?

Mar 11, 2016

What do we know about ways to keep our watershed safe and improve the quality of this important resource? 

Utah Public Radio joins Logan City during the Green Futures Learning Series, Wednesday, March. 16th at Logan City Hall. Listen and learn about water conservation, then let UPR know what you plan to do to keep our water clean by becoming a source for the Utah Public Insight Network.

Tell us, how do we keep Utah's watershed clean?

By clicking the link above, you can answer our survey about sustaining Utah's water future. You will become a source for the Utah Public Insight Network, a database of people whose one-of-a-kind experiences, ideas and expertise can help us better report and tell stories that matter.

Fill out our survey, or stop by our booth 6 o’clock Wednesday, March 16th, at the Logan City Hall.