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Access Utah
12:57 pm
Thu October 3, 2013

"Underground" on Thursday's Access Utah

“Underground,” a new play by award-winning Utah playwright (and University of Utah Law Professor,) Debora Threedy, will have its World Premiere in Southern Utah, October 3-5 in the Kayenta Outdoor Theatre in Ivins. “Underground” addresses an especially important topic for many Utahns: the moral and spiritual dilemma of excavating Ancient Native American ancestral grounds and selling the excavated artifacts for financial gain. A similar scenario occurred a few years ago in Blanding, where many local residents were indicted for selling stolen Native American artifacts on the black market.


The Blanding incident resulted in an informant and two of the indicted individuals, committing suicide, one being a respected physician in town.  “Underground” is a fictional drama that takes place in central Utah, near Price, and focuses on four individuals whose lives are affected by this same moral and ethical dilemma, and the consequences of their choices. More information at: or 435-652-8318

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