Two Die In Fiery Crash Sunday Evening

Jul 21, 2014

Two people have perished in a dramatic fiery crash of a single-engine plane while dozens of motorists traveling Interstate 15 through the Virgin River Gorge looked on in horror.

At just after 7:30 p.m. Sunday, a single-engine plane crashed into the jagged cliffs of the Virgin River Gorge killing both occupants. There were dozens of eye witnesses to the crash, as the site is fully visible to drivers of I-15.

The crash occurred between mile markers 13 and 14. According to witnesses, the aircraft burst into flames upon impact. Fire fighters and rescue workers from Beaver Dam, Arizona responded to the scene.

Arizona Department of Public Safety confirms two fatalities and indicates the Mohave County Sheriff's Office will head the investigation. Investigators have yet to release the names of the victims, the origin of the flight, or it's destination.