Three Dead In Possibly Related Logan Shootings

Jul 14, 2014

The silence of a warm summer night was disturbed when shots rang out in two different Logan locations, ending in three deaths.

Two people were found dead in an apartment just below Utah State University's Old Main Hill.

A burst of shots were heard in the residential area at the bottom of Utah State University’s Old Main Hill on Monday at 12:15 a.m. After initial confusion by people in the area thinking the noise came from fireworks, a vehicle was seen quickly leaving an apartment complex, turning a corner, and speeding off. The incident raised suspicions and, as a result, police were dispatched.

“At about 16 minutes after midnight, our 911 communications center took a call and the report was possibly shots fired,” explained Logan City Chief of Police Gary Jensen.

The gun fire was confirmed when first responders arrived on the scene.

“We do have two victims in the apartment complex that appear to have gunshot wounds, and are deceased,” reported Jensen.

After the initial response, additional police arrived including a tactical team. Carrying assault rifles, the team stormed and cleared the apartment building, discovering the bodies of a young adult male and female in the process.

About a half hour later, a number of police vehicles departed swiftly from the 500 North apartment building when reports of shots fired came from the northwest side of the city. Jensen commented on the second incident.

“We have a separate criminal episode, in a separate crime scene in the west part of our city. We have a single male in an apparent suicide,” Jensen confirmed.

While the shootings were in different locations, there is speculation they may be related. On the shooting deaths Jensen commented, “We have what we think are things that are leading us to believe that these two incidents are connected, and we’re obviously chasing those ideas and those investigative leads down quickly to make sure.” 

Jensen went on to say that given the current evidence, he believes Logan citizens are safe.

“We’re not concerned, at this point, that there is any further risk to the public. We feel like we’ve got the situation at hand.”

There have been no additional reports of anyone else being harmed during the midnight shootings. Police are still investigating and have not yet released the names of the victims.