TECH DRIVE 2014: Throwback Thursday

May 28, 2014

Utah Public Radio must raise $25,000 to replace two essential pieces of equipment before we wrap up the fiscal year on June 30th: KUSR’s transmitter and an equipment cooling unit. Make a special gift in support of our Technology Fund Drive today! Make a gift right now by clicking here.

In 1998, UPR installed the KUSR transmitter, which now needs to be updated. Much like phones, computers, and boomboxes (sorry, players... mp3 players) needed to be updated, so does our technology. We need a new transmitter to stay up-to-date and on-air. The cost is $19,000. The one we have is on its last leg.


We also need a new cooling unit for our equipment to keep our tremendous servers and computers cool at our station to serve the statewide community. The current unit went out several weeks ago and a new one is $6,000.

>>Help us meet our $25,000 goal.<<

The more money we raise through non-federal financial support, the more likely we are to increase funding granted by other organizations including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting? Your special one-time gift will help raise our funding potential and raise the funds necessary to replace our aging/broken equipment.

You can view the full list of equipment UPR needs here.