Summer Has Outdoor Recreation Companies Urging ATV Riders To Be Safe

Apr 20, 2018

ATV companies are urging riders to make safety a priority.
Credit Utah Public Radio

Due to the rising number of ATV-related accidents, a local outdoor equipment company is working to spread safety awareness this summer to farmers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

According to the United States Consumer Products Commission, between 300 and 400 ATV deaths occur each year, including children under the age of 16.

Fernando Rodriquez, the general manager for Renegade Sports in Logan, Utah said the solution to preventing death or injury is simple.

“Follow the rules,” Rodriquez said. “Think before you ride, make sure all your gear is on, make sure you plan where you’re riding so you don’t get lost and make sure your machine is in operating condition.”

Rodriquez said riders will even forget to fill the tires with air, which increases the chance of the machine tipping over when going around corners.

Most ATV’s have safety instructions visible to the rider, but Rodriquez said the rules are ignored too often.

“They ride double when we tell them not to, they won’t wear the helmet, and people will put two little kids on the back,” he said.

ATV’s should be a fun experience, but Rodriquez said riders need to take drinking and driving just as serious on the trail.

The most popular ATV sold at Renegade Sports in Logan is the side-by-side. While these machines are equipped with seat-belts and roll-bars, Rodriquez said people can still get hurt.

“They’ll role it over and then they kind of bounce around in the cab,” he said.

ATV’s are useful for farmers and outdoor lovers, but Rodriquez said the machines will be even more useful if you follow the rules so you can keep riding.