Stop Wrecking The Snow!!

Jan 7, 2014

Steve Eaton discusses his view of the snow- from growing up in Washington to living in Utah: snow is something special for him.

"People just wreck the snow in Utah. I know, I know, they call it the "Greatest Snow on Earth" and they charge people to see it. But they don't treat it with the respect it deserves.

In the olden days, when I lived in the state of Washington, we had a different attitude. That was back before Al Gore invented global warming, and things started getting colder in Washington. Back then, snow was rare. You didn't really need to watch the weather forecast in Washington unless there was a possibility snow was coming.

When I was a kid it snowed enough to make a snowman only once every 2 years. So snow was sacred. No one was allowed to just slog around in the rare stuff and wreck it.