Spot Fellow UPR Listeners This Summer

May 21, 2012

Show your support for Utah Public Radio this summer. When you're out and about in the state look for fellow UPR listeners. You'll recognize them by their "I Listen to UPR" window stickers. Snap a photo (preferably at a stop light, or better yet, have a passenger take the photo), post it to our Facebook page and we'll enter you in a drawing for a UPR prize.

We want to see our supporters enjoying all corners of the state this summer. UPR listeners are known to hang out at Utah's National and State Parks, on the campuses of USU and SUU, and at our sponsoring partners' businesses like Caffe Ibis and Crumb Brothers Bakery in Logan. So, put on your UPR-detector glasses and start looking!

Don't have a UPR window sticker? Become a member today or stop by the station and pick one up.

Have a safe, fun, and informative summer with Utah Public Radio!