Southern Utah Journalist Ed Kociela's eBook Plygs Now Available

Aug 17, 2012

Kerry Bringhurst's extended interview with Ed Kociela about his new book, plygs, a fact-based novel based on his 17-year career as a Southern Utah journalist.


A Loss of Innocence

"Warren Jeffs is serving a life plus 20 year sentence because he was married to a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old. These are things that tug at your heart...The women's rights angle is a huge part of this issue. We should encourage women to realize their full potential. That does not take place in this culture."

Purging Through Writing

"The writing process for this book was rather cathartic. It helped to diminish some of the demons but it also created some new ones. You can't help have these emotions come forward."

plygs is available as an ebook from