Soil and Food Preservation on Access Utah Monday

Aug 20, 2012

If your soil is sandy, or if it has too much clay, the best way to change it is with a consistent program of adding organic matter. The most efficient and easiest way to do this is by planting a cover crop.  You can do this in the spring or in the fall. Seed is readily available and fairly inexpensive, and all you have to do is incorporate the crop into the soil at the appropriate time. You’ll add precious organic matter that holds water more efficiently and adds nutrients back into soil to be used later by your vegetables or ornamentals. USU soils specialist, Grant Cardon, will be in studio for the first half hour to instruct us in how to do this.

In the second half of the program, we’ll have a discussion on food preservation with Teresa Hunsaker from USU’s Weber County extension office. All this, today on access Utah, along with beavers on the latest wild about Utah.