Sightseeing Bus Not Seeing Much Business

Salt Lake City has something in common with New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. As of this summer, it now has a tour bus to different sites around Utah's captiol city. Unfortunately, the engine for this idea isn't revving up very quickly. Last year Jerry Dolejs came to Utah for the first time. He brought with him a new idea: big bus. 

Sightseeing tour bus goes around the city in about 90 minutes, people can hop-on, hop-off.

Hop-on or hop-off at 19 stops like Temple Square, Hogle Zoo and City Creek all while learning the history of each location on the open-air bus. Dolejs operates a similar company in Victoria British Columbia but it was a woman from Midvale who gave him the idea to bring Big Bus to Salt Lake City. 


When she saw my busses in Victoria her reaction was like, "Wow," that would be great to have in Salt Lake City and my response was like, "Wow" how come you don't have it yet? So that's how the idea was actually born and I just traveled here as soon as I could. 

Dolejs says he has received immense support from Salt Lake's tourism industry, but since its mid-June opeing, business has yet to pick up, and bus driver Dale Brackett agrees.  

It’s been kinda sluggish. Some days it’s been okay- we’ve had upwards of 10 or more people and then some days like so far literally you’re my first passenger - so it’s not been great.

 Despite spending five hours driving around an empty bus...Brackett still remains optimistic. 

I think it is going to take a little bit of time to get established. People get to know about us. A little word of mouth; and I have no doubt in my mind that it will work. I think it’s going to do just fine.

 Right now two buses are running all day everyday. Doeage says as demand increases he will bring more buses to the city. There are also no plans to stop the service in the winter. Doeage says he has covered buses that he will roll out once cold weather hits.