Shot-on-the-Job Park Ranger Tells Miraculous Story of Recovery to Others Injured at Work

It’s been almost two years since State Park Ranger Brody Young was shot more than a half dozen times by an armed motorist in Moab. Last week, Young was in Salt Lake City to talk about his recovery, and to others who have been affected by work place injuries.

November 19th 2010 is a day Brody Young will never forget. That’s the day the then 34-year-old ranger was shot nine times -- bullets piercing his lung, heart, shoulder, back, hip and groin.

“I was medically intubated for about a month and I didn’t move and they were concerned that I was paralyzed and with not moving for so they began to pull out different scenarios of a wheelchair and perhaps being a quadriplegic.”

Now, the ranger is back to work full-time after spending months in rehab relearning how to do life’s most basic tasks.

“I couldn’t speak. My muscles had atrophied to the point where I couldn’t walk, stand-up, move, and so those things I had to learn to do again and it involved forcing me out of bed.”

It tells us that miracles haven't ceased. That there are so many more good things happening in the world than bad, in my view. Sometimes the terrible things get highlighted but there is so much good out there.

Young, who was a guest speaker for a Workers Compensation Fund event at the Little America Hotel, calls his recovery a miracle. He says he looks forward to sharing his story with others, like he did on Wednesday with families who have lost loved ones in work related accidents.

Young’s attacker, Lance Leeroy Arrellano, was never caught. Young says he is not angry but would like him to be found for some closure to the case.