September Completion For Logan's 200 East Expansion

May 19, 2014

Logan City has been engaged in renovating 200 East for multiple years, expanding the street’s role as a thoroughfare to other main traffic arteries.

End in sight for Logan, Utah 200 East construction projects scheduled to be completed by September.

Mark Nielson, Public Works Director for Logan said the UDOT-approved expansion measures will connect the road through Logan’s jurisdiction.

“The 2nd East project started out many years ago through the CMPO as a north-south corridor to move traffic as an alternate to Main Street because of the congestion on Main Street,” said Nielson

There are multiple projects simultaneously in motion to get the road prepared for increased traffic flow. Construction spans from 5th North to 1250 North; however, Nielson said construction efforts between 10th North to 1250 North will finish up by the end of this week.

Construction at 5th North began on Monday, as crews work to build a round-a-bout which will open in mid-August.

Nielson also said UDOT recently approved a ramp to connect Center Street to 1st South, which will be completed by the first part of August.

The 7th North intersection is also closed for construction and is scheduled to open in June.

Nielson said the various projects have created congestion in the city.

“Road closures always cause congestion and problems, no doubt about it,” said Nielson. “So last summer and this summer with finishing up those projects, there has been congestion due to those road closures.”

Although there has been congestion on the road, Nielson said the city has worked through business access issues caused by the construction. He said all projects on 200 East should be completed by the beginning of September.