The Science of Air Quality on Tuesday's Access Utah

Mar 4, 2014

A while back, UPR listener Derek Butcher emailed us saying that he’s pleased that “UPR has devoted a fair amount of airtime to discussions of Utah's air quality...which is great because it's an important issue that affects all of us." 

"It's evident that we have serious haze issues with immediate health impacts for many of Utah's residents. I am writing to challenge the network to approach the issue a little more scientifically...I wish that we could break down the problem more systematically.” Air pollution expert, Randy Martin, USU Associate Research Professor of Environmental Engineering, will join us on Tuesday’s AU to address Derek’s concerns and answer your questions. We’ll talk about particulates, water vapor, NOx, and SOx among other topics. We’ll also get an update on bills addressing air quality at the legislature from Matt Pacenza, Policy Director for HEAL Utah.