Salt Lake's Clear the Air Program Seeing Results

Studies show Wasatch Front residents are making changes on poor air quality days. Kate Lohnes, Salt Lake City’s Special Programs Manager says the state’s ‘Care to Clean the Air’ program is in its third year and new data shows it’s making a difference.

“We have done some surveying of the Salt Lake County population that shows that over 50% when the air quality is bad are making some of those behavior changes that result in less emissions. There has also been some traffic count data that has started to show decreases in traffic on those poor air quality days.”

Lohnes says more still needs to help clean up the state’s poor air which is why she is urging Wasatch Front residents to sign up for a free text alert service which helps people plan in advance of a red alert day.

“The text alerts are sent out every evening when a poor air quality alert has been issued by the Department of Air Quality for the next day. So, it goes out with enough time so residents can plan for the next day, plan how they will reduce their vehicle miles traveled.”

To sign up for the text alert program text CLEARTHEAIR to 69302, or visit the Care the Clean the Air website.