Salt Lake City Mayor Named to New Task Force on Climate Change

Nov 1, 2013

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker has been named to a new task force that will advise President Obama’s administration on how to respond to the impacts of climate change.

Mayor Ralph Becker was named to the Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience
Credit U.S. Department of Energy

Becker, along with other state and tribal leaders from around the country, was selected by President Obama to be part of the Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience on Friday.

Becker’s Deputy Director of Communications, Art Raymond, explained the group’s role.

“The point of the group is to work together to advise the administration on some really key actions that the federal government can take to support the local work—a lot of which is already going on—to be prepared and resilient and ready for the climate changes that are already upon us,” Raymond said.

Becker has taken an active role in addressing climate change. The mayor has looked into the impacts of changing snowpack and water resources on the Salt Lake Valley, and has been active in promoting alternative transportation and walkable neighborhoods.  

Raymond says the mayor is glad the administration is looking to the local level for input.

“I think what he really appreciates is the acknowledgement by President Obama’s administration that the best way to enact and formulate policy change at the federal level is really to look to these local and state leaders, and to inform federal policy change with the work that’s already being done,” Raymond said.

The creation of the task force is part of the president’s climate initiative announced earlier this year.