The road to becoming a triathalete: St. George Ironman

Sep 12, 2013

Jordan Rapp and Paul Jewkes discuss the road to being a triathalete, and Rapp's journey to discovering his talent.

Jordan Rapp and Paul Jewkes talked in the StoryCorps booth while attending the Ironman 70.3 in St. George in early May. Jewkes was participating for the first time, but Rapp  said he was taking part in what was "probably my 15th, maybe 20th half ironman,"  as a full-time as a professional.

Jewkes said he has been following Rapp's career, and asked him about how he got involved.

"I certainly don't think I came to triathalon in a typical fashion, although I guess it is a new enough sport that there isn't maybe a typical story that leads someone to triathalon, although there is becoming one," Rapp said.  

Rapp is talking about the high school swimmer and runner who then learns to bike. He said he believes that is the "typical" story of discovery for triathaletes.

"I think I'm probably maybe the last of a generation of professionals that is successful that came to this sport via a different path. I think in 10 years I would not be able to do what I had done in terms of coming in and being successful.

"I was not a swimmer or runner by training, I grew up doing team sports," Rapp said. "I was actually a goal tender in lacrosse so I could avoid running because I disliked it so much."