Representative Rob Bishop Visits Utah State Campus

Oct 12, 2012

Rep. Rob Bishop speaks at Merrill-Cazier Library at Utah State University on Oct. 11.

U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop visited the Utah State campus on Thursday. In an event sponsored by the USU College Republicans called "Pizza and Politics," Bishop spoke on several topics and took questions from the audience at Merrill-Cazier Library.

Bishop opened by bemoaning the lack of bipartisanship in Washington, but the tone turned contentious when one audience member questioned Bishop’s stance on the public lands debate.

"Utahns are just as capable of anybody in Washington from controlling their own lands and making those decisions. And I refuse to accept the fact that Utah cannot manage these lands because we're basically country bumpkins and stupid. That's what Washington tells us, and I don't buy it."

Many of the students on hand will be voting for the first time. Sharik Peck is one such voter, and he was interested to hear what Bishop had to say.

"There is no person that will 100% have your views. That's just dumb to look for them. But it's nice to have someone that cares about your views."

Bishop, who represents Utah's first district, hopes to be elected to a sixth term in November against Democratic opponent Donna McAleer.