Reflection through fire: Life in the West

Aug 5, 2013

While it’s not exactly a time to celebrate, fire season can be a time of reflection for those of us who live in the West.

The Owyhee Fire burned over 46,000 acres on the Idaho – Oregon border in July, prompting Jennifer Pemberton to reflect on the role of wildfire in the West and in her life.
Credit Argus Observer

“If you’re the last one up watching the coals from the campfire go from orange to black, then you’re probably a follower of Fyr. If you find the crackling of the fire more soothing than rain, then you’re a follower of Fyr. If you live in the West, you are definitely a follower of Fyr. Fire is a part of life out West. We have a whole season for it, when fire comes out of the sky and comes up from the earth. It’ll burn through rain; it can jump over rivers. It’s awesome. It’s terrifying."