Recreation, Oil & Gas on Tuesday's Access Utah

Apr 15, 2014

“How about doing a story about the tar sands in Grand County & the Book Cliffs Highway? Seems like the state is thinking that Grand County is the new sacrifice zone for energy development.” That’s from UPR listener Kiley Miller. 


We’re going to talk about this on Tuesday’s AU. Is this energy vs. recreation? Can the two coexist? What about potential environmental damage? Economic development? We’d love to get your perspective. What’s happening with oil and gas development where you live? How do you feel about it? We are talking with John Weisheit, Conservation Director for Living Rivers; Chris Baird, Executive Director of Canyonlands Watershed Council; David Early, Mayor of Castle Valley; and Lynn Jackson, Grand County Council Chairman & former geologist with the BLM and one-time potash consultant